Door seam and door bottom sealing strip

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Color:  WHITE
Style:  1PCS
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Do you feel frustrated when there is a big gap at your door bottom? Annoying bugs run in every corner of your home, the air conditioner can't get cold down your room, noise reduces your sleep quality. But you can’t find a proper door sweep to cover it. 

It's time to end the door draft, high electric bills, and improve your environment with Mintiml Door Stopper.

Our Upgraded Thickened Mintiml Door Stopper helps you close the door without leaving a gap, which means it can keep out moisture and debris, prevent heat loss, and keep warm. And no more worry about the seal falling off thanks to its extra adhesion promoter.

    No More Gaps Fits gaps up to 1 inch. You can stick this self-adhesive door draft blocker for door gaps in exterior/interior doors, garage, basement, bed, sofa, and cabinet. There will no more dust on your room surface, and your floor will as usual after winding and raining.

    • seal the huge gap
    • prevent the draft
    • prevent the water
    • block the unwanted animals and dust out

    Stop Air Escapes, Save Your Money - You can provide all-season protection for your home and family from adverse weather conditions, stopping the heat from escaping during the winter season, and keeping cool air inside during the summer, effectively reduce your heating and cooling bill costs.

    Extra Added Adhesive Promotor - Considering the durability of the adhesive tape, we provide extra adhesion promoters, which means the stickiness almost is 2 times the normal door bottom seal, so you never worry about it will fall off.

    Noise Reduction - Our door bottom seal designed with 3 layers of sealer helps to stop the noise, keep your room cozy and quiet! So your sleep quality is no longer affected by noise.

    Wide Application - Use your Door Draft Stopper in various types of doors or windows like frameless sliding doors, glass doors, sliding doors, wood doors, cupboards, wardrobes, furniture, and shower room, etc.

    You can say goodbye to those frustrating situations and create a comfortable environment.

      Using Guides

      1. Mark the same size as the door and cut the excess strip.
      2. Clean the door bottom and let it dry.
      3. Wipe the adhesion promoter on the door bottom and wait a few seconds.
      4. Peel off the backing film.
      5. Apply the door draft stopper to your door.


      Material Silicone
      Suitable Gap 0-1 in.
      Length 1m
      Product Weight 100G
        Package Contents 1 × Roll of Door Bottom Seal


          • Make sure the door clean and dry before using the door bottom seal.
          • After installation please strongly press the door seal to make it more firm.
          • Heat the adhesive for 2 minutes by Hair Dryer before installation.
          • Not turn on/off the door frequently within the first 12 hours.
          • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
          • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.


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