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Magnetic metal telephone stand with round plate Yesido C55. Stable strong magnet adsorption support for mobile phone, do not fall. Can be used in many positions, such as car, home, kitchen, bedside table, desk.Premium aluminum alloy case and silicone mat.Small size design, easy to pick up.


  • New Strip Shape Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Car Magnetic, Magnet Car Mount, Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Plus Note 10 9 8 Google LG and More
  • Premium aluminum alloy shell and silicone mat.Mini size design, easy to pick up. Magnetic Holder For Phone In Car, Stand For Phone, Car Mount Holder.Universal Magnetic Car Holder for All brand cellphone.
  • Use Position, Car, Computer, Kitchen, Bedside Table, Desk, Door.In addition to being used as a mobile phone holder, it can also be used as a sticky note.
  • ravity reaction Cell Phone Holder for Car,Air Vent Phone Mount Cradle for Smartphones cell phone pop socket for car aie vent for car cup for car magnetic for cd slot for tripod smart phone holders for car smart phone mount smart phone stands for desk
  • cell phone holder for car stand tripod ring mount desk video recording stand for bed adjustable smart phone car mount holder smartphone tripod car mount video recording car holder adjustable ring foldable for live videos for airplay



Are your phone or other objects still falling out of your car holder? Do not worry anymore! Our magnetic car holder ensures that the base of the holder will securely hold the magnetic head of the holder, will keep your devices in place, regardless of vibration or impact from the road.
Robust self-adhesive base
This magnetic mounting bracket is easier to use than any other magnetic mounting bracket due to its adhesive and magnetic design. It has a sturdy rubber base and a powerful magnetic head to hold all of your devices.

Ce support est si facile à installer. Aucun outil requis. Il suffit de le coller sur des surfaces planes et vous êtes prêt à partir. Il suffit de le coller dans votre voiture, votre cuisine, votre bureau, votre chambre ou tout endroit où vous avez besoin de monter vos appareils.



1) Clean the surface in a flat and long enough area.
2) Peel off the sticker from the support and stick it.
3) Place the magnetic metal plate on your phone or between the phone and the case.
4) And all your devices are ready to go wherever you want!


  Zinc alloy + N50 magnet + silicone
1 × Mini Magnetic Phone Holder For Car


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