Solar shark fin

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The function of reducing drag coefficient and removing static electricity can effectively reduce the adhesion of dust and dirt to the car body, reduce noise and reduce fuel consumption, etc., and it can also provide a certain down force to stabilize the car body.
The car shark fin is also called the car top wing. The product design concept is to imitate the dorsal fin of natural fish (including sharks), because the fish has the function of the dorsal fin, which can reduce the resistance of water and can also easily adjust the swimming posture. The shark fin installed on the roof is a product designed by combining the functions of fish dorsal fins with modern aerodynamics. When the car moves at high speed in the air, it will drag out a long vortex. When this vortex breaks away from the rear of the car, it will produce differential pressure resistance, and adding a spoiler at a suitable position can force the airflow to shift in advance, from laminar flow to turbulent flow, reducing frictional resistance and differential pressure resistance, thereby Reduce the drag coefficient, but also release static electricity, effectively reduce dust and dirt attached to the car body, reduce noise, etc., and can also provide a certain downforce to stabilize the car body!
2. Rear-end collision prevention function
At night, our car's taillights are always bright red lights. For drivers who are driving fatigued or driving for a long time, there will be a habitual numbness to this color, which will not attract their attention; or it is because The light of the car on the opposite side makes it difficult for us to spot the vehicle in front of us, which can easily cause a rear-end collision. As a result, we added the LED flashing function to the car shark fin. Because people are more sensitive to flashing lights, this product can be used as a reminder when driving, so that the driver of the following vehicle can detect it early, and achieve the effect of preventing rear-end collision!
Shell paint (non-spray paint) is the same as the original car paint, the surface of the product has high smoothness, and the corrosion resistance and aging resistance are the same as the original car paint;
Stylish and beautiful appearance. The popular shark fin design can provide a certain down force when the vehicle is running at high speed, and has a certain effect on stabilizing the body; the product has a high surface smoothness, and is corrosion-resistant and aging resistant as the original car paint.
high brightness. The built-in high-power and high-brightness LED lights flicker, have good stability, and the brightness is close to that of the taillights. It is easy to be found by accompanying vehicles, and has good reminder and warning functions for accompanying vehicles. The luminous color is blue;
Fully automatic control Built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor and light-sensitive system, which will flash by itself in a dark environment while driving, such as entering a tunnel, driving in the evening or night, etc.;
Lithium battery adopts genuine licensed products, with large capacity and long life; the circuit adopts 14-pin single-chip microcomputer, dual-loop control, and has a delay shutdown system inside. It will continue to flash during parking and waiting for the red light, and it will automatically shut down after 120 seconds of parking or car body without vibration. ;
Wind power generation is easy to install. No changes to the original car, no wire connection requirements, just tear off the double-sided adhesive at the bottom of the product and stick it on the roof.
【installation method】
1. Please clean dust, dirt, etc. with a neutral detergent before installation;
2. Tear off the double-sided adhesive sticker, unplug the insulating tape at the bottom of the product, and stick the product on the roof of the car near the middle of the rear window of the car.
The double-sided adhesive has a strong sticking effect, please stick it once, not tear it off and stick it again.
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