Car Multifunctional Rain Eyebrow🎉2Pcs🎉

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The multi-functional car rain eyebrow can not only block the interference of rain on rainy days, but also comes with a small round mirror that can increase the field of vision of the rearview mirror, greatly increasing the safety factor of driving.

Main Features

  1. On rainy days, the rain blurs the rearview mirror, making it impossible to clearly observe the road conditions behind you, making driving very dangerous. The rain eyebrows can block raindrops, providing you with a clearer rearview range and a safer posture. On sunny days, you can Reduce dust adhering to rearview mirrors
  2. Novice drivers always feel that the sight range of the rearview mirror is narrow when reversing. It comes with a small round mirror, which can increase the sight range of the rearview mirror. Whether it is reversing into the garage, parking on the side, or crossing a narrow road, you can clearly see the entire body range to ensure safety.
      2 pieces of rainproof sheets with new buckles, with special adhesive for auxiliary cars, safe, simple and firm. The product is made of carbon fiber material, which is environmentally friendly. Black can be matched with mirrors of any color. After installation, it will not affect the folding of the rearview mirror and will not block the line of sight.
    • REMIND:
      The rainproof blades help to block the rain. offering you a more clear rearview and safer driving. On sunny days. the blades reduce the dust attached to the rearview mirror.

    Usage Scenarios

    • On a rainy day. rain blurred the rearview mirror and the rear road conditions can not be observed clearly. which makes driving very dangerous.

    Using Methods

    • Please install the rainproof blades on a sunny day.
    • Before installation. thoroughly clean the inside of the rearview mirror.
    • In cold weather. you'd better heat the adhesive tape with a hair dryer.
    • After installation. press the blades firmly for 1~2 minutes to ensure a good adhesive.
    • Do not wash the car in three days.
    Product Size:
    • Material: high quality polyvinyl chloride
    • Package includes: 2* car rearview mirror rain eyebrow(one left and one right)
      • Due to manual measurements. please allow slight measurement deviations.
      • Due to the different display and lighting effects. the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
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